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  • From £27.00 M2 + VAT Golden Mint Sawn & Honed Indian Sandstone is a Sawn, Smooth mix of caramel colours from yellows, creams and whites. Sawn on all six sides giving this range a smooth, contemporary feel and look. Available in either patio packs and single sizes giving you the chance to lay in a design you desire.

  • From £24.00 M2 + VAT Pure Mint Sawn & Honed Indian Sandstone is the lightest stone in our Sawn Paving Range. With a white base tone consisting of black/grey streaks and veins. This stone has proven extremely popular for the ultra modern look with its six side sawn edges it can give an excellent finish while retaining its natural appearance. 

  •  From £37.00 M2 + VAT Atlantic Sawn & Honed Indian Sandstone is beautiful grey sandstone with blue and black waves and veins running through its misty background. A stone of excellent quality and colour variance can produce a wonderful modern and attractive patio space. Also available in a Sandblasted finish for additional slip resistance and texture....

  • From £36.00 M2 + VAT Cloister Sawn and Honed Indian Sandstone is a wonderful subtle mix of Browns, Greens, Buffs and Greys with the occasional red or brown veins. With its Sawn & Honed Surface and Sawn edges gives this a rustic feel while keeping its modern look.

  • From £28.00 M2 + VAT Rich in swirls and veins varying from yellow to pink and brown to blue. This is by far the most colourful Natural Sandstone there is !

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items